2014 to 2017: Associate Fellow, German Council on foreign Relations, https://dgap.org/en/user/16515/christian-wipperfurth

Since 2005: Freelancer, consultant, numerous lectures and publications on Russia’s Foreign and Energy Politics (see below)

2001-2004: Assistant Professor, Faculty for International Relations, St.  Petersburg  State University (Russia): Seminars and lectures about various questions of international relations, Russian and German foreign politics, the Russian relationship to EU and NATO.

1999-2001: Ph.D. Thesis (in History)

1992-1998: Working for the European Parliament resp. the Deutscher Bundestag


Accessible English written  texts  by Christian Wipperfürth:

June 2019: Zelensky in Berlin, in: http://inforos.ru/en/?module=news&action=view&id=94088

August 2014: The Ukraine, the West and Russia, in: Ukraine_August 2014

February 2014: Conflict over Ukraine. Berlin, Brussels, and Moscow should be talking to each other, not about each other, in: https://dgap.org/en/think-tank/publications/dgapanalyse-compact/conflict-over-ukraine

November 2013: Yekaterinburg – World Exp 2020 –  http://www.thinkrussia.com/global-outlook/yekaterinburg-submits-its-application-host-world-expo-2020

August 2013: The Caucasus War of August 2008, in: www.globalpolitician.com/default.asp?27759-russia-georgia-putin-conflict-war

November 2011: Russia and the Euro-Atlantic World, in: http://www.globalpolitician.com/27195-russia-european-union-nato

June 2010: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Regional Stability, in: http://www.globalpolitician.com/26476-kyrgyzstan-kazakhstan

May 2010: The Russian gas blackmail is a chimera, in: http://www.eu-russiacentre.org/news/russian-gas-blackmail-chimera.html

April 2010: Is Europe vulnerable to blackmail? Russia and natural gas, in: http://globalpolitician.com/26355-russia

May 2009: A German Interpretation of the Russian Perspective, in:  www.globalpolitician.com/25593-germany-russia


In French:

May 2010:Le chantage au gaz russe est une chimère, in: http://www.latribune.fr/opinions/20100504trib000505376/le-chantage-au-gaz-russe-est-une-chimere.html